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There are many cities where have many museum in the world, but no matter what city you choose to visit, there is at least one museum waiting for your visit. And New York where has a stretch of 5th Avenue running between 82nd to 105th Streets known as Museum Mile  is still in this case.


Indeed this is where you will find arguably one of New York's most famous museums. The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum is known more properly simply as the Guggenheim, and if you visit it you will get the chance to see plenty of sensational artwork that is quite stunning. Even if you don't know a lot about art, this particular museum is one of the best places to start learning about it.


The Guggenheim Museum is now more than fifty years old, having been opened back in 1959. The building itself is absolutely unmissable. In fact it is something of an artwork in itself, with its white walls and impressive rotunda which forms the central part of the building. You should lay eyes on it long before you actually reach the entrance if you look up as you walk along 5th Avenue towards it.


The museum is open all week except for Thursdays, so bear this in mind when you plan to pay a visit. You might also like to choose a Saturday to see all that the Guggenheim has to offer, since it stays open later into the evening.


There is a lot to see here too, so the extra couple of hours may come in handy. There are many collections to view here after all, along with a number of exhibitions that change frequently. The Thannhauser Collection is on show in part, and it includes works from such famous artists as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne.


As you wander round inside the building you will realise you are in the rotunda itself. This provides an unusual experience as the curvature of the walls dictates that the paintings are displayed slightly proud of the walls themselves. Some of the paintings you will see here include those by Kandinsky, so you can see there are some famous artists to be appreciated while you are there.


Some people think the building is just as good as its contents, so this is really a doubly entertaining visit if you like artwork and you are curious to see what is inside. It is important to remember that not all of the huge collection of artwork is on display at any one time. Similarly the exhibitions will vary depending on when you decide to visit, although most of them are displayed for several months.


So when you are looking at flights to New York why not look forward to your trip by looking into all that the Guggenheim Museum has to offer you when you arrive as well?


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Guggenheim Museum in New York

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This article was published on 2010/08/11